Some of you may know Philip Seltzer from Scottsdale, Arizona, but do you know the real Philip A. Seltzer.  Some may believe he is an attorney. Others may believe he is a cardiac surgeon. While others have been told he is an orthopedic surgeon and on occasion may hold himself out as a chiropractor, a consultant and an expert witness. So who is the real Philip Seltzer? You decide.

1) Is he a licensed attorney in any state , province or country?

No record of any license or membership in any bar organization can be found.

2) Is he a Cardiac, Orthopedic or any other kind of surgeon?

No record of any license can be found or located.

3) Is he a Chiropractor?

At one time he may have been, but his license has since been revoked in the State of Michigan.

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4) Is this just another Philip Seltzer scam? You decide!

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